Tidewater Acquire - Find and acquire business customers smarter

Find and acquire business customers smarter

Create targeted business audiences based on 200+ criteria to use in any channel.

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New Business Owners

Talk to new businesses owners every week as soon as they register.

Web Savvy

Talk to businesses with sophisticated websites based on 50+ data points.

Social Businesses

Target businesses with a strong presence on social media.


Target businesses that are expanding and hiring new employees.

Create a Business Audience

Define what businesses you want to target with 200+ signals from employee size, revenue, location, to website data.

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Export your Business Audience to any channel

Easily export your new Business Audience to Facebook, LinkedIn, or a CSV for Direct Mail.

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Why are you using consumer data to target your Facebook Ads? Identify the right companies to target, and we'll matches the employees at those companies to targetable Facebook profiles. This means you'll only get sign ups from people at companies you want as customers.

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Easily export your Tidewater Business Audience to a CSV with everything you need for a direct mail campaign. The business addresses will be CASS standardized to ensure you get the highest deliverability rates.

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Ever wish you could target your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates or InMails more granularly? With Tidewater you can export the company data needed to create a more specific LinkedIn Ad Audience.

Create a Business Audience

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Qualified Lead Rate

Clients have seen qualified lead rates rise from under 20% to upwards of 60%.


Reduction in Cost per Lead

Clients have seen cost per qualified lead drop over 40% leveraging business data.