Tidewater Enhance - Enhance your prospect & customer database

Enhance your prospect & customer database

Add web, funding, growth, and over 200+ other details to your business lists.


Get insights like web traffic, mobile optimization, and technology tags.


Get funding data from news and government sources.

Marketing Businesses

Add email marketing and social signals to your business lists.


Add employee size, revenue, and 120,000 vertical classifications.

Prospect Database Enhancement

Augment your entire customer file with data signals you select. We match businesses based on url, business name, and address to achieve high accuracy and match rates.

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API Enhancement for Inbounds

Augment your inbound customer sign ups through our easy to use API.

Enhance your Business Data


Signals to Choose From

Pick and choose from over 200 signals important to your business.

30 Million

Businesses to Match Against

Clients have seen match rates over 75% with our Business Universe.

Enhance Pricing

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Enhance 500 business records
Firmographic Data


Enhance your inbound customers

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Enhance 5,000 business records each month
Firmographic data
Investment data
Web data


Enhance your prospect database

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Enhance 5,000+ business records per month
Firmographic data
Investment data
Web data
Marketing data

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